Trying to get more money online through your website can be hard. It’s important to investigate which ad networks are right for your content so you maximize the revenue you generate.

Networks don’t have glowing reputations for actually making websites money.

Sometimes publishers can be their own worst enemy in terms of finding the perfect match.

What are Ad Networks?

Ad Networks attain the available inventories from the publisher (you) and then they sell them to advertisers as a packaged impression to generate greater or higher revenues (for you).

Definition of an Ad Network

By doing so, you will be able to build grounds for expectations from your ad network (what to expect from your ad network).

In simple words, it can be said that the ad network in this case is your mediator.

A broker is responsible to introduce the right impression to the right buyer.

It is more of an interface between the two parties, the buyers (demand side) and the publishers (you, or the supply side).


By acting as the commercial intermediary, ad networks define the importance of their role in the monetization of your websites.

To recognize their need, we must recognize their importance and in this case here’s what ad networks stand significant for:

  1. Acts as the interface between supplier and demand in the advertising ecosystem
  2. Without ad networks, publishers would have to negotiate their deals directly with each individual advertiser (an unnecessary measure that lags your overall attention towards your product).
  3. They efficiently sell the remnant and the inventory for you
  4. The best ad networks find you the right buyer to exhibit the right price for you, letting you acquire optimum level of revenue
  5. They help you categorize. Ad networks take the remnant from publishers and categorize them according to the basis of their demographics helping you to sell your inventory to the right buyers.
  6. The segmented impression (the ones ad networks make for you) helps to find advertisers who are looking for the same impressions. Hence, creating a link between your inventory and the buyers who are looking for it.

The different types of ad networks

It is important to acknowledge when looking for the best ad network comes one must recognize the type of ad network needed.

Below are some types:

  • Premium Network: these type of ad networks, offer or acquire inventories from the popular publishers.
  • Vertical Network: these type of ad networks are topic specific. For example: if you want to assess your publishing to a certain topic or if you are looking (as an advertiser) for a publishment in the certain topic (example: business, technology and etc.) the vertical ad network is your type.
  • Inventory-specific Network: quite literally the name suggests “inventory-specific”, if you are looking for a certain type of inventory for example mobile, native, or video, this type is the right choice for you whether let alone the fact if you are a publisher or an advertiser.
  • Affiliate Netwotk: however, there are certain scenarios where the type or the topic of inventory remains irrelevant and what matters is the revenue share, that’s where the affiliate advertising network comes in. this typically deals with the revenue share, CPC, or CPA pricing model.

How to choose best ad networks for new bloggers, publishers or for advertisers?

How are you going to choose the best network? This is the next important question.

With the melodramatic environment full of jargon flying throughout the ad tech industry things often get more complicated.

So, here’s what you should really look for before signing into a contract with the ad network:

  1. The size of the advertiser network, it must seem promising
  2. Quality of ads these networks have worked on before
  3. Look for diversity, meaning look for the variety they have to offer in ad formats
  4. Read the compensation policies in full. Be aware of their terms
  5. Lastly and most importantly inquire their underlying technology which is going to assess your publishing inventory.

All boils down to one point!

With all of this info, you can see how important ad networks really are.

Look for networks that vibe with you so the working relationship is sustainable.

Therefore, once dealt with, the right ad networks can be your way to monetize websites.

Author: AdclickMedia