There are several proven methods to drive traffic to your CPA Affiliate Network campaigns.

If you have been working on building your income and haven’t had much success, please read on. Earning money using email marketing with a CPA Affiliate Network is easier than you think.

The first method is Email Marketing…

How To Make Money With CPA Offers Using Email Marketing

There is a good reason why I selected Email Marketing as the first choice for CPA earnings.

The reason?

Email marketing generates majority of sales in the CPA world. An email list is a priority in the CPA Marketer’s arsenal.

Email marketing is a vast subject, and you can learn all about it in detail in a course called “Email List Building Course“.

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you probably have an in-house email list, and you probably built that list with a specific goal in mind.

Maybe you wanted to sell a health related product and built a list of people who were interested in health and wellness. Or maybe it was for some other niche…

No matter what your audience is, you can pick a product that may be the right fit for your list and email them.

Smart marketers learn how to communicate with their lists, and so just be clever about what you send them.

If you are serious about CPA affiliate marketing and want to make $100K a month, then your email marketing strategy must match your ambition.

Here are a few tools you need to have in place before you attempt large scale email marketing:

1. Bulk Email Marketing Setup

You’ll need a platform that allows bulk mailing and SMTP integration. The best way to get this setup is by allowing the experts to set it up for you.

I recommend that you find an expert on Fiverr to set this up for you.

2. Targeted Offers Setup

List building is a constant in Email Marketing. You have to be always putting all of your efforts into building your lists.

Let’s say that you are interested in working with two different verticals…

Health & Wellness and Pets.

First, you want to build a landing page with an offer that will attract those verticals.

You can use a funnel builder like Clickfunnels, Getresponse, Kartra, Wix… etc to build a one page funnel. You can use a PLR product to give away in exchange for their email. Here’s a PLR site you can try.

So you want to build two simple funnels in the health and pets verticals. Once you are ready with your free giveaway offer and funnel, you are ready to drive traffic and build that list.

3. Driving Traffic & Building Lists

There are many ways to drive traffic to your list building pages. You can use social media promotions, and traditional advertising methods to build your lists.

Here are some UN-conventional methods CPA marketers use to build their lists up to several hundred thousands within months:
  • Buying data files
  • Content publishing
  • Running contests
  • Co-registration method
  • Viral marketing strategies…and the list goes on and on…

The goal is to build large lists that you can monetize using CPA offers that aligns with your audience.

Resource: Here’s a done-for-you funnel building service that I offer for CPA list building.

4. Broadcasting & Promoting Offers

This is where you want to be creative when emailing offers. Use the creatives given to you on the platform, or use your own copy to entice your subscribers to open.

The frequency of you emails depends on how you program your subscribers from day one. It also depends on the type of content you send them. Make it worthwhile for your subscribers to be on your list by sending them something of value.

5. List Maintenance

Email marketers must clean their lists often. Use automation available on your email platform to weed out people who never open your email. You can use list cleaning services to remove UN-deliverble emails.

Honor unsubscribes and add them to a suppression (DO NOT EMAIL) list.

The idea is to keep your list open rate at a minimum of 30% open rate.

How To Pick Offers That is Right For Your Lists.

Picking offers that suits your audience is made super simple on Adclickmedia CPA Affiliate Network. You can use the Search Filters to pick the right offers.

Here’s a video you can watch.

I hope this was helpful to you.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you the second method to make money with Adclickmedia offers — Niche Blogs.

See you tomorrow!

Don’t forget to login and promote at least one offer per day. When you make a practice of promoting one offer per day, you’ll start seeing the money rolling in… 🙂

Author: AdclickMedia