I get lots of questions from bloggers who are trying to grow their blogs, and the biggest factor is they want to know about making money with blogging.

I’ve been working with AdClickmedia for a few months and it’s been really great.

One of the main reasons I like this network is it offers a wide range of benefits, which other networks do not, for content creators and advertisers.

Some networks ignore smaller blogs and only work with bigger ones, unlike AdClickMedia which stands out and gives everyone the opportunity to join in!

Here is my review on Adclickmedia Ad Network:

What is Adclickmedia Ad Network

Adclickmedia is an Advertising and Affiliate Network. An ad network is a platform that allows you to display adverts on their website and in return, they will share a portion of the revenue they earn from displaying your adverts on their website.

Adclickmedia helps publishers earn money from displaying their adverts on their websites.

Adclickmedia like some other networks, helps advertisers get paid when their adverts get displayed.

CPA & PPC for Publishers & Advertisers

Majority of Ad Networks offer only one type of advertising, for instance, they either offer CPA (Cost-Per-Action) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) to their advertisers and publishers.

As a blogger, I was thrilled to know that Adclickmedia offers both CPA & PPC for their publishers.

CPA (Cost-Per-Action)

Cost Per Action allows Publishers to get paid for leads and sales.

The payout for CPA without a doubt is much higher with Adclickmedia.

Adclickmedia gives hundreds of offers you can promote and make money with.

Earnings per leads: $0.95 to $20.00 (Depending on verticals and ads)

Earnings per Sale: $5.00 to $1400 (Depending of verticals and ads)

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Adclickmedia Pay-Per-Click platform allows you to display targeted ads on your websites and blogs and get paid for every click.

This works similar to Google Ads or Bing Ads. Simply add a code to your website and start earning for clicks.

Earnings per click: $0.16 to $6.50 (Depending on verticals and ads)

Works With 21 Verticals

Verticals are specialized niches therefore, this network can give you highly targeted ads that your audience will benefit from and click on.

Adclickmedia works with websites that are focused on the following niches:

  1. Apps & Installs
  2. B2B
  3. B2C
  4. Beautyd
  5. Contests & Giveaways
  6. Cryptocurrency
  7. ECommerce
  8. Educational Products
  9. Entertainment
  10. Forex
  11. Games
  12. Green Products
  13. Internet Marketing
  14. Personal Finance
  15. SaaS
  16. Self Help
  17. Travel
  18. Weight Loss
  19. Wellness
  20. Yoga & Meditation

Proprietary Tracking / Fraud Prevention

The Adclickmedia platform is built on cloud-based state-of-the-art technology with 99.99% uptime.

The ads are super targeted to your audience.

You can be confident that your visitors will not be distracted by ads and offers that are not suited for your website.

Adclickmedia has invested heavily into safety and fraud.

Their fraud system is one of the best in the market that I’ve seen. It works with AI automated and manual approvals for clicks, leads, and sales.

Advertisers and publishers can utilize Postback methods, image pixels, and iframe to ensure accuracy of tracking.

Affiliates get paid even though their referrals buy or opt-in later by tracking cookies for a period of 90 days

Most ad networks have their cookies activated for way less time, some for less than 24 hours.

Easy To Use Interface

Adclickmedia advertiser and publisher interface are super easy to navigate and use.

Anyone can understand and work with the interface design, simple and intuitive.

Simple, Clean, and Beautiful Ad Placement

Adclickmedia ads are targeted to categories of your website. They have text and image ads in all standard sizes.

CPA Network Review

Image Ads Sizes:
300X600 pix160X600 pix336X280 pix300X250 pix970X90 pix728X90 pix468X60 pix
Text Ads Sizes:
300X600 pix160X600 pix336X280 pix300X250 pix970X90 pix728X90 pix468X60 pix

Timely Payments

As affiliates, we want to get paid as fast as possible.

Adclickmedia has several payment terms, NET7, NET15, and NET30.

Most affiliates work on a NET30 basis.

Reviews are done after 30 days.

If an affiliate earns over $1000 in commissions they will therefore get paid once a week. To make payment transfers easier, there are three methods that the payments can be done through which is PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Western Union Payments.

Community & Training

Adclickmedia offers various ways for advertisers and publishers to interact with each other and learn from each other.

  1. Private Skype Groups
  2. Facebook Group
  3. Zoom meetings
  4. Youtube Channel

What I Really Like About AdclickMedia

Working with Adclickmedia is like working with friends.

They are always available to help me make more money as an affiliate.

As an advertiser, you have many options to build your customer base without spending or wasting money on unnecessary advertising.

  1. I love working with the team.
  2. Community to interact and learn from.
  3. Over 150 CPA offers that pays well.
  4. They have a PPC module to monetize my traffic.
  5. They have a great tracking and fraud protection system in place.
  6. Easy interface to work with.
  7. Low cost in advertising and pay for results only.
  8. Reliable company with solid track record.
  9. They pay on time with low minimum. ($50)
  10. They pay weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.
  11. Daily newsletter with top selling product recommendations.
  12. Referral program pays 10% from every referring affiliate earnings.
  13. Works with affiliates and websites at all levels.

I would recommend working with the Adclickmedia team as an affiliate and advertiser.

Tips To Consider

  1. Be Honest. As you begin the process, you must complete the information completely.
  2. Connect with Account Manager. Connect with your account manager immediately after you signup.
  3. Tax & Legal Documents. Upload your required legal documents as a publisher and advertiser.
  4. Advertisers will need to upload signed IO.
    Publishers will need to upload a photo ID, and W9-Tax document.
  5. Get on the Skype Group. After approval, get on the skype group with hundreds of other affiliates for excellent tips on top paying offers on the network.
  6. Subscribe to Facebook Group. Adclickmedia Facebook group is very informative and educational for affiliate marketers.
  7. Ask for a review. After 3 months ask for a review and weekly payments.

Author: AdclickMedia