Are you looking for an Alternative to Google Ads?

When most advertisers think of running PPC campaigns, what usually comes to mind is Google Ads. What I am sharing today is three networks are the best Google Ad alternatives for you.

It’s no secret either that for years Google has dominated the digital marketing space. It makes sense because we think that most people use google for their searches and because Google is the number one search Engine it is a great place for brands to get their products and services in front of consumers.

Google Ads is the biggest player out there but Google is not the only player out there. There are alternatives, yes they do exist and some can even outperform Google.

These are four major reasons why you should look for Google Ad Alternatives:
  • Cheaper CPC – Up until 2012 life was good, traffic was flowing and cpc rates were much less expensive.
  • High Competition with other Google Ads – Now, in 2021 there are some industries paying up to $50.00 per click because of the competition issue.
  • Maxed out Impression Share – Google has Search Impression Share metrics. Check this often, if your brand is consistently showing up almost 100% of the time, you’re tapping out your current market.
  • Diversified audiences – Again, Google is the number search engine but it’s not everyone’s default search engine.

There are plenty of platforms out there that allow you to get in front of your customers before they even start their search.

The Best Google Ads Alternative

For a Google Ads alternative you should look no further than my three picks below:

  1. – There software is really easy to use and you can get measurable results quickly using their network. Their proprietary software offers detailed tracking and is very easy to start campaigns. They also offer very low cpc rates. You instantly get an army of top affiliates to promote your offers.
  2. Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) – Microsoft is increasing it’s market share by partnering with companies like LinkedIn. Microsoft offer lower cpc rates and competition and they have 33% of US consumers using their search. Setting up campaigns is simple and you can import your campaigns from google ads to your Microsoft platform. A Google Ads Alternatives network.
  3. Quora Ads – Quora Ads has a unique question-and-answer content platform that enables you to capture user search intent. Using Quora can bring valuable traffic to your site, you can show up as a trusted authority by giving users a reliable answer to their questions. Quora offers targeting features like contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, demographics, and customer matching.

Marketing today is all about reaching the right user at the right time with the right message.

You need to expand your Reach and Find the Best Platform

Each of these Google Ads alternatives that are listed above has its own unique characteristics to reach your marketing goals at a much less expensive rate.

Author: AdclickMedia