You have a New Blog or Website and You Want to Start Monetizing with Display Ads. But You Have a Low Traffic Problem.

Your traffic is growing slowly and you want to create a passive income. The problem is that you website or blog is fairly new and you have low traffic.

Google will not approve your account because of your low traffic and they have very stringent requirements:

  • Very Low Revenue – If your traffic is low then your revenue with Google will match that. There are so many publishers on Google now that your website or blog will have a hard time getting high paying ads.
  • Getting Approved – Like I said before Google has very stringent requirements. They have so many high traffic publishers to choose from that they don’t need low traffic websites or blogs so you kind of get lost in the mix.
  • No Customer Support System – If you do get set up and have questions, good luck with getting through to someone for help. They are so big now you will never get a human on the phone and Covid has exacerbated this issue.

These Three Reasons Were Enough for Me to not Want to Use Google.

So now I’m going to introduce you to three awesome Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic blogs and websites:

  1. PropellerAds – Is great for new blogs and websites. They specialize in popunder and interstitial ads. So, when your readers click a link on your blog, a new browser tab will open in the background. Popunders however can annoy your readers so it is not always good to use them. I have used them before and received a lot of complaints. Interstitial Ads are full page and easy for your readers to close them off. PropellerAds also has a minimum payout of $5.00 for their publishers.
  2. – They are powered by bing and yahoo and has one of the largest advertising networks to tap into if you have low traffic. uses text format ads and you can customize them to your blog or website.
  3. Adclickmedia is a pioneer PPC networks and has always been championed as a Google Adsense Alternative. They accept blogs and websites with low traffic and offer text and banner options. With their proprietary software they offer outstanding tracking for their affiliates. They also offer great support and you can speak with a live person if you need to.

There you have it. My opinion on the top three Google Adsense alternative Networks for low traffic blogs. You can try just one or all three. As your traffic grows you can scale up with each of these networks.

Happy Earning!!

Author: AdclickMedia