Have you spent tons of money on publishing lead generation ads on Facebook, but are still not been able to get the desired outcomes? Then no worries. We have got you covered. 

Indeed, Facebook ads can bring a lot of conversions taking your business to the next level if executed properly. However, many marketers make serious mistakes that contribute to poor results, ultimately affecting lead generation. Lack of having clear objectives, not keeping up with algorithm changes, using the wrong Facebook ad type can cause your business to lose potential customers.

In this article, we will analyze 7 common mistakes that marketers should avoid while publishing lead generation ads on Facebook.

1. Unable To Identify Your Target Audience

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Facebook gives the freedom to choose a set of targeted audiences to display your business products. If you make a mistake at this point, the whole campaign is going to be non-profitable. 

The targeted audience means for whom you’re selling or for whom your products are beneficial. You must be able to describe your audience in terms of location, age group, interests, or behaviors. 

For example, if I run a Lead generation Ad campaign for Designer Store, then my target audience will be people with interest in fashion, clothes, and more. 

The targeted audience should be thin instead of a huge group of people. The more accurately you hit your audience the more you will be able to generate leads. 

At the starting point of a new business, you can use free tools from Facebook or CRM data for customer data lists. Anyway,  you can start with your best guess for audience demographic interests. 

2. Choosing The Wrong Facebook Ad Type

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Facebook offers a wide range of Ad formats including Videos, Carousels, Photos, Slideshows, Canvas, and Collections. 

In addition to these Ad formats, there are different placement options as well – Desktop, Mobile, or Right-hand sidebar. There are two ways to display ads; lead ads or link ads.

For success in Lead Generation Ads on Facebook, you must understand the Ad type, objective, and Ad placement to beat the brutal competition.

Such as Desktop Ad campaign is quite expensive but has a high conversion rate. Simultaneously, there is fierce competition under this category.

So, if you plan to drive traffic to your website, the desktop Ad campaign can be costly. It is better to look at affordable mobile Ad campaigns. 

3. Forgetting Your Ads After Setting 

A common mistake made by marketers is to launch new Ads and ignore them for weeks. You must evaluate their performance on a daily routine. 

Monitoring your Ads on a regular basis will help you to achieve your goals. Your audience will not enjoy watching the same Ad every day. 

You should look into Click-through rate, Ad frequency, Click by interests, Ad performance by placement and type, number of leads, conversion rate, and more. 

If your Ads are not working, then you should implement some changes at least after 3 to 4 days. Frequent changes in Ads are not appreciated as well. 

4. Use Of Low-Quality Images And Videos

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Images and videos are the realistic experiences of Online shopping. Vague, blur or unclear images or videos will distract your audience and will make them leave your Ad. 

You must choose the quick loading images, as it is observed that the lagging time also compels the audience to switch the page. 

It is a common mistake that people don’t set the images properly. Misalignment of images or size issues can make your Ad Campaign a flop one as well. 

5. Non Functional Landing Page

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One of the most common issues that can spoil your whole Ad campaign is the use of a non-functional landing page. 

For Instance, if you use a Link Ads campaign to deviate your audience to a website, then it must open quickly. Slow or poor navigating landing pages are not welcomed by the audience. 

Facebook itself has a restriction on non-functional or slow landing pages.  

6. Wrong Placement Of Ad

Facebook and Instagram are vast networks with great placement slots for your Ads. 

Lead Generation Ads campaigns offer space at Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, Marketplace, Video Feeds, Facebook Right Column, Messenger Inbox, Instagram stories, Facebook Stories, Messengers stories, and much more. 

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It is advisable to check all the show-up placement for the first time. It will help you to drive data on which placements works for your Ad and which to ignore. 

The wrong placement of Ads is another mistake that leads to the failure of businesses on Facebook. 

7. Ignoring The All Available Insights

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Last but not least, to run a successful Lead Generation Ad Campaign, you must analyze the available Facebook insights. If not, you will waste just your money.

The built-in Facebook audience insights give you aggregated information regarding demographics, geography, behavior, and more. 

By analyzing this information, you can omit the audience that’s not fruitful. On the other hand, robust your sales by targeting an accurate group of people. 

The Verdict

We enlist the 7 most common mistakes people make while publishing Lead Generation Ads on Facebook. We hope you understand the importance of these small but impactful controls. You can overcome these common practices to boost your conversion rates and make your Facebook Ad Campaign a Successful one!

Author: William Adeel