Choosing the Right CPA Network as an Advertiser

Updated: May 26

Choosing the Right CPA Network as an Advertiser

Whenever we talk about CPA Networks we always focus on the affiliates. Now, do not get me wrong the affiliate plays a crucial role in networks. But in this article, I want to talk about the Advertiser and how to best choose a CPA Network to work with.

When we are talking about CPA Networks, the advertiser is a company that has products or services to sell and using a network they are relying on others to help them sell their products or services. The Advertiser has certain ways that they will allow you to sell their service or products. Then you have the publisher/affiliate who must figure in how to promote these offers in the most effective way so they will get conversions.

So, how do advertisers really profit from CPA Networks?

Advertisers get access to thousands of affiliates who are marketing specialists, bloggers, SEO experts, or Media buyers. These affiliates are looking to earn because their income depends solely on their marketing efforts.

The biggest advantage for an advertiser using a CPA Network is you only pay for that targeted action, not for clicks and at the rate of payout that you choose to give.

Here is a list of several options to look at when choosing the right CPA Networks to work with:

  • Traffic volume - The more affiliates in the network is much better for your campaigns being seen.

  • Terms and Conditions – Understanding who pays for what and how the offers are tracked is crucial for your campaigns.

  • Transparency – Knowing how many affiliates and advertisers work with this network is essential. You can ask and get answers from a reputable network.

  • Stats – The magic is in the numbers. Traffic sources, conversion rate, cost per click and many other indicators will help you to increase your performance.

  • Competition – Go where your competition is because that’s where the active affiliates are.

Preparing your contract with a CPA Network.

You will have successful campaigns if you specify upfront your requirements.

First you should understand the pricing model and what CPA is short for (Cost Per Action)

The three most common actions are:

  1. CPS - Cost per Sale - Advertiser pays for purchase.

  2. CPL - Cost per Lead - Advertiser pays for Signups.

  3. CPI - Cost per Install - Advertisers pays for mobile app or game installation.

Setting the commission rate is up to you but we would suggest giving the same rate for all the networks if you are working with more than one. Affiliates price shop also and will go where the higher rates are which is best for their bottom line and your competitors.

If you are a luxury items seller and offer a rewards program, offer it for all your products not just one.

You are making an offer to affiliate on a network so before affiliates start selling it for you, sell your offer to them. The more information you give about your offer to the affiliates this will help them implement your offer to the right audience.

The Right Product or service

The Right Audience

The Right Time

This formula will help in a successful campaign for the affiliate which comes back to you two-fold.

Remember this….CPA Networks can be an effective way for you to expand your business. You do not have to know the affiliates on a personal level. You just need to know that while they are earning commissions, they are also bringing your revenue up and helping to expand your business. It is the perfect partnership.


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