How To Market Your Addiction & Recovery Center And Pay For Results Only

Updated: May 17

Addiction Center CPA Advertising
Addiction Center CPA Advertising

If you’re into addiction and recovery marketing, you already know marketing in this sector is much more complicated than the regular. Several factors make it so:

  • There are very few authorities in the field

  • So the number of strategies isn’t very satisfactory

  • There isn’t a lot of ideal company’s steps to follow or get inspiration from

With such insufficient examples and no considerable influence regarding addiction recovery marketing, figuring out a practical strategy / concept is a battle.

Besides, there’s another apparent reason for the addiction recovery marketing difficulty - stigma. While many people now know that addiction is a disease and requires treatment, the mentality of seeking help hasn’t completely settled in.

Many addicts feel embarrassed and guilty when seeking help for recovery as they don’t want to be a subject of any public scrutiny. Some will even stay away from websites and keep suffering rather than seeking help.

Although it’s a challenging field to advertise in, it’s not entirely impossible. You can easily avoid the pitfall and go for the best and the most effective addiction and recovery marketing strategies. But ensure the strategy you choose is enough to tackle the challenges and overcome them.

Here are some of the most practiced strategies in addiction and recovery marketing:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although SEO is a comparatively complex strategy, it works very well for marketing. This lead generating strategy includes going for a Google My Business listing incorporating the keyword you want to rank. Not only that, but it could also generate reviews.

SEO and the reviews will work as a baseline trust between you and your visitors. Trust is the prerequisite for getting more traffic and conversions. However, it can bring excellent results, but not many recovery centers use the SEO properly or tend to neglect it.

People that use websites for a good addiction and recovery center usually check the service’s reviews, and most of the time, it’s the lack of studies that chases them off.

Google ads

Google ads can be a perfect secondary strategy to increase exposure. Secondary because you’ll need SEO for the google ads to work effectively. If you’re from the United States, you’ll have to make sure the ads are LegitScript certified to run the addiction and recovery ads.

The downside of these ads is the expense. Before you leap, keep in mind that running ads in this will be extremely costly as some of the keywords even cost more than $100/click. While Google can be a good fit for running ads, they won’t be a perfect long-term option considering the sky-high cost.

But, you can also go for a similar platform - Bing. However, it has its shortcomings. Bing is not a very strong platform like Google.

Whether it’s Google or Bing, you should be mentally prepared that the ads might not work the same every month. The ads might bring fantastic results one month and fail to reach your goals the next month.


This is another somewhat effective strategy. Organizations / hospitals often refer to a different addiction and recovery center to their current patients, and they end up going as they trust their healthcare provider.

To make the most out of it, you’ll have to be in touch with several professionals / organizations and have an outstanding bond with them.

Following this method will bring you potential admissions, but it’s not a very effective marketing strategy. Referrals might be a suitable option for addiction treatment lead generation. However, it is not appropriate for long-term success.

Are you wondering if there’s any suitable and efficient strategy available for your addiction and recovery marketing?

The short answer is - yes, there is.

Despite all the denials, stigma, and trust issues, it’s possible to effectively advertise the addiction and recovery center.

The foolproof option is CPA Marketing.

What Is CPA Marketing?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It is the average amount you’ll be charged from your ad’s conversion. Adclickmedia is one of the best platforms for CPA Marketing. Let’s see how you can advertise your addiction and recovery center using Adclickmedia.

CPA Advertising with Adclick Media

Adclickmedia is a personal growth and wellness advertising network. We are mainly focused on brands and affiliate marketing. We offer CPA advertising and PPC advertising to help get more results and conversions.

At Adclickmedia, we have a very simple, effective, and user-friendly advertising system.

Here are the benefits you’ll be receiving from us:

  1. We have a proprietary platform, and we don’t pay any licensing fees. Our services ensure that you can get more for affiliates, and it’s less expensive for advertisers

  2. We have a great assistance option for your campaign. We go the extra length to ensure that you get the maximum help from us with both the creatives and ads

  3. We keep our guards up around anything suspicious and offer advanced fraud prevention. When it comes to our affiliate application process and fraud protection systems, we provide 100% fraudulent prevention

  4. Our well-trained and dedicated team is always ready to help and guide the advertisers and affiliates through all the steps of the process

  5. With our pay for performance only, the affiliates will get the payment according to the performance. Zero risk

  6. Both weekly and monthly payments are available. If you’re starting with your affiliate, you’ll be paid monthly after meeting the minimum requirements, and on the other hand, as for the seasoned affiliates, you can enjoy a weekly payment

To elaborate on the performance based advertising, we have five well-known advertising models. You’re free to pay for your desired performance :

  • CPC (cost-per-click as low as ¢10)

  • CPL (cost-per-lead that fits your budget)

  • CPI (cost-per-install that fits your budget)

  • CPS (cost-per-sale that is reasonable)

What’s more - we help you connect with your ideal clients. Our setup is relatively easy. We offer the most effective marketing for your addiction and recovery center with lower risk and higher ROI.

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