How To Market Your Health & Wellness Books & Courses And Pay For Results Only

Updated: May 17

Book Marketing Using CPA Advertising
Book Marketing Using CPA Advertising

Marketing your health and wellness books and courses is full of challenges. Building your audience and keeping them engaged is a battle.

You’ll often face complications with the recognition. People barely get their hands on books they aren’t familiar with. Most of the time, referrals - from a trusted person - are what get your books and courses sold. So without many people knowing you or the importance of your health and wellness books and courses, you’ll end up with a poor audience.

No matter how qualitative your books and courses are, your advertisement won’t bring a satisfactory result without people knowing their existence, and you won’t have any suitable audience either.

Again, you may have created a buzz while launching your books and courses, but it didn’t last long due to less exposure. So, the hype is very short-term, which is another common struggle for book marketing.

There’s more to it. Besides these struggles, there are few commonly practiced methods which the health and wellness books and courses’ marketers think are effective, but in reality, they are also a so-so method.

Social Media

You might think that all you need is social media to market and advertise your books and courses. But your bubble will burst when you find out that the reality is not so simple. The majority of social media users are not even making online purchases.

While social media won’t ultimately bring you sales and conversions, you might be able to increase your engagement through it if you use the social platforms right. So, it’s wiser to keep the audience engaged and excited with catchy deals and offers.

Maybe a little sneak peeks of the health and wellness books and courses would encourage them to get their hands on them. But that’s about it. You can not expect a continuous conversion.


Some think visuals help with the marketing. It does. You’ll get more attention to the videos than the written posts. However, people generally don’t like the idea of leaving their comfort zone and learning new stuff, especially when it requires focusing. So, it’s pretty hard to generate conversion or increase marketing through videos only.

Promo sites

People often choose promotional sites to advertise their health and wellness books and courses. If you have a great budget, you can decide to roll with this for your book marketing. However, just because you paid money to these sites doesn’t mean you’ll get a sweet return every time. Things can go right or left. The results / consequences are on you. Once again, this is another somewhat effective marketing strategy.

But don’t worry. There is just the right advertising option waiting for you.

You can trust your health and wellness books and courses with the best advertising method - CPA marketing.

CPA means Cost Per Action – the average amount that you’re charged for every conversion of ads. Among all the CPA marketing platforms, AdclickMedia is the best. Why? Keep on reading, and you’ll find out. Now, let’s see how you can use AdclickMedia to advertise your health and wellness books and courses.

CPA Advertising with AdclickMedia

At AdclickMedia, we work as an advertising network solely focused on personal growth and wellness. We intend to address the brands and affiliate’s marketing. We offer both PPC and CPA marketing to bring your health and wellness books and courses more conversions and results.

AdclickMedia’s advertising system is quite simple, effective, and user-friendly. You’ll get the following advantages from advertising at AdclickMedia:

  1. Ours is a proprietary platform, and we don’t pay any licensing fees. We aim to bring more for affiliates and less cost for the advertisers

  2. We offer great assistance to improve your campaign. We are always ready to provide you the maximum assistance with both creativity and ads

  3. We make sure there’s no risk of fraud. With our affiliate application process and fraud prevention system, we ensure 100% protection from fraudulent

  4. We have an incredibly dedicated team of skilled and trained professionals to help to provide the affiliates and advertisers guidance regarding the advertising steps

  5. We have a “pay for performance only” option available, meaning you’ll receive your payment depending on the performance. Zero risk on your end

  6. AdclickMedia offer a weekly as well as a monthly payment. You’ll receive a monthly payment if you’re an affiliate newbie, but if you’re a seasoned affiliate, you’ll easily receive weekly payment

Let us give you the payment method details. AdclickMedia has five prominent advertising models. You’re allowed to pay for the performance you want:

● CPC (cost-per-click as low as ¢10)

● CPL (cost-per-lead that fits your budget)

● CPI (cost-per-install that fits your budget)

● CPS (cost-per-sale that is reasonable)

Additionally, we also assist you in getting connected to your ideal audience. We bring a straightforward and effortless setup to the table. You’ll have yourself a highly effective marketing strategy for your health and wellness books and courses. Our services come with lower risk and higher ROI.

Monetize with AdclickMedia

AdclickMedia supports all sorts of monetization. Whether you’re an email-list owner, website owner, or a publisher, we’ll provide you with easy traffic monetization with the AdclickMedia advertising network. We also offer a first-class payout along with fantastic deals.

Getting you traffic monetized from AdclickMedia will give you the following benefits:

Display ads on your website

Above-average payouts

Get paid for leads & sales

Real-time stats

Weekly & monthly payout

Dedicated team

How to start with AdclickMedia

If you’re an advertiser or affiliate looking for excellent opportunities, AdclickMedia got you covered. Let’s go for it!

You’ll find working with AdclickMedia very straightforward and short. Publishers have the benefit of starting earning right away. All you need to do is apply and done! You’ll start making money from that instant.

But for the advertisers, it might be a little more complicated than that. You have to sign up first and then get in touch with us to complete the next procedures.

You’ll find the detailed steps below:


● Signup for your account

● Connect with your account manager

● Fund your account

● Start your campaign

● Add conversion code

At AdclickMedia, we do our best to improve and scale your health and wellness books and courses’ sales.


● Signup for your account

● Connect with your affiliate manager

● Complete your profile & documents

● Pick offers and promote

● Get paid

We aim to ensure you receive the best results and conversions.

To find your book marketing campaign the most suitable and ideal audience, we directly work with the content creators, website owners, and bloggers. Also, we diligently promote your ads’ offers to the audience.

So, let’s dive right into AdclickMedia and start marketing your health and wellness books and courses. Click here to get going with the further process.