How To Boost Your Affiliate Earnings Using Facebook Organic Traffic

How To Boost Your Affiliate Earnings Using Facebook Organic Traffic

Are you on Facebook?

If you are then I'll show you the most popular method to monetize as an Adclickmedia affiliate partner using Facebook free traffic.

In the meantime, if you missed my email yesterday about "How to boost your CPA earnings with high traffic blogs", you can read it here. (very valuable info)

OK, let's talk about Facebook Organic traffic - one of the most easiest way to drive traffic if done right.

As a marketer, you have look at Facebook as funnel. You see, Facebook has different ways to attract your ideal audience, and engage them in different ways.

I am gonna give you a primer on how to use Facebook to do attraction marketing, and to get more and more people to act on your suggestions.

How To Use Facebook As A Marketing Funnel

Your Facebook account has three features to attract, engage, and sell.

1. Facebook Main Profile (Attract Like-minded People)

2. Facebook Business Page (Engage with your brand)

3. Facebook Group (Sell anything)

It's like a funnel if you set it up that way. To keep it simple...

  • You want to attract people to your Facebook Profile first.

  • You then want to ask your engaged friends to like your Facebook Business Page.

  • After you further engage with them, you want to ask them to join your Facebook Group.

Obviously, the content that you share on all three places will be different in nature. Some general tips on what to share on each one of these places below...

Attract Like-Minded People Using Facebook Profile

Setup your Facebook Profile page the right way because this is where you are going to attract like minded people. Show your personality, and your fun side on your main profile. This will give your audience to bond with you if they vibe with you.

Be as personable as you can, and share your experiences, photos, quotes, lessons you've learned in life. In other words, BE HUMAN.

Engage and be interested in friends daily. Like, and comment on your friends' posts. Friend request at least 20 new people a day.

The trick here is to be consistent with your Facebook activities every single day.

Daily To Do:

1. Find 20 like minded people every day

2. Post one valuable message every day

3. Like and comment on 50 friends' post every day

You can have up to 5000 friends on your Facebook account - and unlimited followers.

The next step in this funnel is your Facebook Page (Business Page)

Brand Yourself Using Your Facebook Business Page

You may already know the importance of Personal Branding in marketing. In business, without positioning yourself there is no value in using Facebook or any other social media.

Your Facebook Business Page is a great personal branding tool. The content that you share on your business page can be more business oriented than your Facebook main profile page.

Design your page with a professional header, and add more details about your business.

Daily to-do on your Facebook Business Page:

1. Invite your engaged friends to LIKE your page.

2. Write one business related post a day.

3. Engage with people who respond to your posts.

Your goal is to get at least 100 likes to your business page every week. When you share stuff that are valuable to your friends, they will LIKE and Engage with your posts.

People who like your page also trusts you and will listen to what you have to say. Be pro-active with people and you'll be surprised how fast your audience will grow.

The next step in this funnel is your Facebook Group.

Sell Using Your Facebook Group

Once you have an engaged audience on your main Facebook Profile, and your Business Page, then next step is to bring them to your inner circle and offer them what ever you are selling online.

A Facebook Group is the perfect tool to sell your stuff, or post your Adclickmedia offers. Create a Facebook Group with a name that attracts audience in the vertical you choose.

Daily To-do on your Facebook Group Activities:

1. Invite people on your friends list, and people who liked your business posts to join your group.

2. Post an offer from Adclickmedia every single day.

If you share something with people in your group that are already engaged, you'll see more and more sales and leads.

Your Facebook Group is like an Email List. If you set it up the right way and be consistent, you will see RESULTS.

I hope this was helpful to you.

Tomorrow, I'll share with you another free way to make money with Adclickmedia offers -- Twitter Marketing.

See you tomorrow!


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