How To Boost Your Affiliate Earnings Using Twitter

How To Boost Your Affiliate Earnings Using Twitter

Twitter is an amazing free tool to build and promote your business - and I am gonna show you how to do that.... If you don't have a Twitter account for your business, go get one immediately. No joke, twitter can be one of the most profitable tools that you can use to sell affiliate products online. Twitter can be as effective as your email lists, because most people have the app installed on their phones. Here are the steps to build your audience with Twitter and get free traffic to your affiliate offers: 1. Create a Twitter Account for the vertical you wish to build an audience. You can have multiple Twitter accounts for different verticals if you like. (Health, Finance, Marketing....etc) 2. Find like-minded friends that are interested in your vertical. Use the search feature on Twitter to find people. Find 20 people a day and follow them. 3. Engagement is key. You also need to engage with their content by responding to their tweet, or re-tweeting. 4. Post 3 to 4 tweets per day. The more tweets you do the more exposure you'll get. You can write 2 valuable posts, and one affiliate link for a good balance. 5. Keep Growing your Twitter audience. You can have millions of followers on Twitter. Build it everyday.

I hope this was helpful to you. Tomorrow, I'll share with you another free way to make money with Adclickmedia offers -- Pinterest Marketing. See you tomorrow!


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