How To Market Self-Help and Personal Development Products & Services

As impressive as the niche is, the difficulty level of advertising the self-help campaign is also very high. There are obstacles you’ll face in the process. Trust is one of the main factors.

To promote self help campaigns, you’ll have to be convincing and be ready to face the denials because the relationship between self-help professionals and clients is highly based on trust.

Do you think you can convince them?

Here are the methods that people opt for while advertising the self-help campaigns:

1. SEO marketing

Targeting clients through SEO is one of the most used methods. While it might appear to be very effective, that is not the case with everyone.

This method is keyword-centric. You have to use the right keywords to attract a good audience for your personal development campaign.

For example, the generic keywords get 3%-5% less click-through than the long-tail terms.

That’s just one sector of SEO marketing. There are website designs, well-written content, reviews, and many more that affect traffic and conversion.

2. Social media

Social media seems like the go-to place for every marketer. But what they aren’t aware of is that social media is mainly for communication. As a significant part of the population uses social media, it is effortless to connect with people.

However, that doesn’t guarantee you traffic or conversion. Social media heavily relies on paid ads. In simple words, you’ll have to keep pouring money to see a consistent result.

This is not only extremely expensive; the ROI isn’t always satisfactory either. The audience you’re reaching through the ads has a shallow rate of becoming a potential conversion.

Besides, the platform has been overcrowded with false claims. So, even if the ads are reaching your target audience, there’s a high chance your ad will not convince them.

3. Email marketing

Another powerful and overcrowded platform.

Email marketing has always been an easy method to bring conversions. However, the companies are misusing this platform and sending numerous spammy and irrelevant emails.

You’ll have to be careful with the words you choose as subject lines as a wrong term, or a line could send you directly to spam. Your audience won’t even get to read them and know what is in it for them.

Now let’s talk about why your email won’t be effective even if it’s opened.

Catchy CTA button missing.

If the email’s CTA button doesn’t look appealing and doesn’t compel the audience to visit your website, you will miss out on several conversions.

When all these methods seem like a dead-end, there’s one thing that can help you make the most of your self-help and personal development campaign.

Your Foolproof Solution is CPA marketing

CPA - Cost Per Action - is just the standard amount you’ll be charged for all your ad’s conversion. Adclick Media is the perfect platform for CPA marketing that you can use to advertise your self-help campaign.

Let’s start with the basics of how to advertise on AdclickMedia.

CPA Advertising with AdclickMedia

AdclickMedia is mainly a personal growth and wellness-based advertising network. We have our priorities set for brands and affiliate marketers. We offer both CPA marketing and PPC advertising to provide your campaign with more results and conversions.

At AdclickMedia, we have a pretty decent advertising system that is effective and easy to navigate. You can find all the benefits you'll get below:

● We have a proprietary platform, which means no licensing fees for us. We take care of the affiliates' ROI and make everything affordable for advertisers

● AdclickMedia will provide you with the best assistance for self-help campaigns. We are determined to help ensure that our creatives, ads, etc., meet all of your needs!

● We have an advanced fraud prevention system that can prevent fraudulent activity 100% of the time. Your details will always be safe with our fraud prevention system

● We have a team of dedicated individuals ready to provide any guidance you may need about the advertising process

● With the “pay for performance only” system, our affiliates will be paid depending on the campaign’s success

● With weekly and monthly payments available, advertisers and affiliate marketers can get their money depending on the skills they've developed. If you are new to affiliate marketing, your earnings will be paid monthly once you have met the minimum requirements. But if you have been a veteran of this realm for some time now and know what it takes to climb up that ladder, then weekly payments await!

This is where the AdclickMedia site shines. You have five different kinds of advertising models to choose from, and you can pay for whatever kind best suits your needs!

● CPC (cost-per-click as low as ¢10)

● CPL (cost-per-lead that fits your budget)

● CPI (cost-per-install that fits your budget)

● CPS (cost-per-sale that is reasonable)

In other words, with AdclickMedia, you’ll be able to reach your target audience more effectively. We don't just provide advertising for your self-help campaign - we also ensure lower risk and higher ROI in the process!

Monetize with AdclickMedia

Our AdclickMedia network is the premium advertising platform for publishers, email-list owners, and website owners. With our excellent payouts, you can get started with traffic monetization in no time!

With a quick-start process that offers high-quality payout rates combined with top-of-the-line deals, it's never been easier or more enjoyable to advertise on our excellent networks!

Here’s what we provide:

● Display ads on your website

● Above-average payouts

● Get paid for leads & sales

● Real-time stats

● Weekly & monthly payout

● Dedicated team

How to start with AdclickMedia

We’ve got the right opportunities waiting for you! So, without any further delay, let's get started with your campaign advertisement.

You can effortlessly get started with us. While the process might be a bit longer for advertisers, publishers can get started right away.

As for advertisers, you need to sign up and connect with us first. However, for the publishers, you can just apply, and you’re all set to start earning.

You’ll find the detailed steps below:


Sign up for your account

● Connect with your account manager

● Fund your account

● Start your campaign

● Add conversion code