How To Market Yoga & Meditation Products And Services

Yoga and meditation have a great market in the affiliate industry now. Promoting this campaign might seem to be an easy task, but you’ll come across obstacles frequently.

Although countless people are involved in this industry - who’ll be interested in your campaign-one major problem is your promotion not reaching the right people.

For example, you can have highly informative and well-written blog content, but it’s as good as nothing if the people don’t know your existence.

Whichever media / platform you use to promote the yoga and meditation campaign, the main target is to reach the right audience.

1. Social media marketing

Social media is an overrated platform to leverage for your advertisement.


Because, firstly, it is not built for business purposes. This is for your personal communication.

Although the platforms introduce business features, if you want to reap the benefits of social media’s massive network, you’ll have to give something in return.

Social media works based on paid ads for your campaign. This is very costly considering the ads’ time is limited, and you’ll have to keep investing to reach people consistently.

But there’s still a drawback. You never know for sure that the ads are reaching the right audience. That’s why Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, doesn’t provide any guaranteed conversion.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective advertising methods as you already know people interested in your yoga and meditation campaign.

However, out of billions of people, you might only have about ten thousand email subscribers. So, undoubtedly the exposure you get is not enough.

Again, you’re not the only campaign your audience subscribed to. Imagine their inbox - filled with spammy emails and irrelevant promotions.

Annoyed by this, people often block specific terms or sales-y designed emails. So, even if you have constructed your emails well, you still have a chance to end up in the spam box, and your email won’t even be opened.

As for the emails that reach the client, the opening rate of the marketing and advertising emails is 17.81%; while the click-through rate is only 1.92%

3. SEO marketing

SEO marketing is one of the most preferred advertising methods for marketers.

But this sector requires great patience and expertise. Most people give up because ranking and getting conversions with SEO is very time-consuming.

You’ll have to micromanage everything so that from quality content to niche-based keywords, nothing is missed.

Even after doing these, there’s a long time that you’ll have to wait till you start ranking and getting traffic. And as there’s no guarantee involved, who knows how long it might take before you can see some conversions?

Now that every road seems to have boulders, we still have one method that could set everything right for your yoga and meditation campaign.

What’s the solution?

You’re in luck because we have something for everyone.

The best way to attract customers for your new yoga and meditation campaign is CPA marketing. If you’re using that, you are already on the right track!

CPA refers to Cost Per Action. It means that you will be charged based on your ad's conversion. With AdclickMedia’s top-notch quality service and low price, you’ll love using it. So, let's begin with how you can advertise your campaign here:

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