How To Market Your CBD Business And Pay For Results Only

Updated: May 17

CBD Business Marketing
CBD Business Advertising

Although CBD and hemp are mostly legal, there are still some restrictions on this business advertising. Some companies and organizations have clear laws banning CBD advertisements, while other companies stay away from businesses, including CBD and hemp.

As the concept of CBD and hemp is still not clear to a lot of people yet, anything with CBD counts as cannabis for them. This is one of the main struggles the CBD and hemp campaigns face regularly.

Another significant issue is the FDA approval. Since the FDA hasn’t given any approval to CBD products yet, you can’t advertise anything that the FDA has forbidden. As of now, CBD and hemp are considered to be a “dietary supplement”. The advertisement ban goes for all the products infused with CBD like creams or food.

Also, making any medicinal claims in your advertisement is strictly prohibited. You can not claim to cure any kind of medical condition that only a healthcare provider has the authority to do. Any kind of claims you make in your advertisement must be strongly backed up by solid academic evidence.

There are some commonly practiced methods for both CBD marketing and hemp advertising. Let’s see them in detail.

1. Ads

Running ads in Google AdWords is a very effective way to promote your CBD and hemp campaign. But the downside is you are at the risk of your ad being taken down. Also, there is a possibility you’ll be penalized from doing future advertisements; it doesn’t matter if it’s not CBD-related.

Another way to advertise your CBD and hemp campaign is by leveraging social media. Although there is news of Facebook lifting the ban on CBD product advertisements, there are still restrictions. Advertising cannabis-derived CBD on FB is prohibited. The same goes for Twitter. There is no permission to advertise illicit substances meaning no CBD at all.

2. Influencer Marketing

To broaden your reach and increasing audience, influencers are a perfect way. Choosing the right influencer can bring fantastic transformation and positive changes to your audience. But the only problem is this is no long-term marketing solution. Also, not all influencers will have the same effect. If the influencer’s audience doesn’t have anything in common to desire your product, you won’t get the expected result. Moreover, not all influencers can promote your business wisely to improve your sales.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a golden method to advertise your CBD and hemp campaign. Sending emails with exciting offers can bring potential buyers to your website. You can also send emails to your email subscribers, updating them on incredible deals and the latest brand announcement.

But again, this isn’t a foolproof strategy either, considering your email subscribers can have restrictions on specific terms and products that can be drugs.

So, what would be a perfect method for your hemp and CBD advertising? Is there any existing platform that doesn’t have CBD restrictions?

There is.

CBD marketing is your ideal CBD marketing method Step up your hemp and CBD advertising with CPA marketing.

CPA (Cost Per Action) is mainly a standard amount that you get charged from your ad conversions. An effective platform to do CPA marketing for your hemp and CBD would be Adclickmedia. Let’s show you how you can advertise your CBD and Hemp with Adclickmedia.

CPA Advertising with Adclickmedia

At Adclickmedia, we are a personal growth and wellness-based advertising network highly focusing on brands and affiliate marketing. We provide both PPC and CPA marketing to improve your conversions and results.

Our advertising system is pretty simple, quick, and effective. Below are the advantages you’ll get from advertising in Adclickmedia:

  1. Adclickmedia has a proprietary platform, and so there’s no need to pay any licensing fees. We make sure the expense is lighter on the advertiser’s side, and the return is heavier on the affiliates

  2. With our excellent assistance, we will give your campaign our best shot to ensure that you receive our ample help regarding both the creative and ads

  3. We’re cautious about anything suspicious. We have 100% fraudulent prevention available for affiliate application and fraud protection system

  4. Whether you’re an advertiser or affiliate, we have an incredibly well-trained team to guide you through the Adclickmedia process

  5. As we have a ‘pay per performance only’ system available, you’ll be paid according to the performance. So, you don’t have to worry about losing anything

  6. Adclickmedia offers both monthly and weekly payments. For the affiliates, you’ll receive monthly payments after fulfilling the minimum requirements. But for the experts, you’ll be paid weekly

Let’s get the details of the payment methods. Adclickmedia has five very famous advertising models. You can choose the performance that’s suits your CBD and Hemp campaign more:

● CPC (cost-per-click as low as ¢10)

● CPL (cost-per-lead that fits your budget)

● CPI (cost-per-install that fits your budget)

● CPS (cost-per-sale that is reasonable)

Also, our team provides the best assistance to get you connected to your ideal clients. We offer the most beneficial marketing for your CBD and Hemp with an effortless setup and ensure a lower risk with higher ROI.

Monetize With Adclickmedia

At Adclickmedia, we have a monetization facility for everyone, including publishers, email-list owners, and website owners. We have a very simple traffic monetization procedure. You get the most qualitative payout and also the finest deals. The benefits Adclickmedia offer are:

Display ads on your website

Above-average payouts

Get paid for leads & sales

Real-time stats

Weekly & monthly payout

Dedicated team

How to start with Adclickmedia

At Adclickmedia, we offer a ton of opportunities to advertisers and affiliates. Ready to bag all the exciting deals and opportunities?

So, get started with us right now.

While publishers get an advantage to start earning directly after applying, the advertisers have to sign up first and get in touch with us before making money.

Let’s check out the detailed starting steps below:


● Signup for your account

● Connect with your account manager

● Fund your account

● Start your campaign

● Add conversion code

Put your bets on us to effectively transform and scale your CBD and Hemp campaign marketing.


● Signup for your account

● Connect with your affiliate manager

● Complete your profile & documents

● Pick offers and promote

● Get paid

We aim to serve the most beneficial strategies to improve your income and conversions.

To get you a suitable audience for your CBD and Hemp campaign, we work directly with bloggers, website owners, and content creators. This is to ensure that you receive a quality audience. Also, we work hard to promote your offers to your audiences regularly.

So, let’s dive in and get started with Adclickmedia to step up your CBD and Hemp advertising. Click here to get rolling with the next steps.