How To Market Your E-Commerce Site And Pay For Results Only

Do you feel that you’ve tried many advertising strategies for your clothing & accessories E-commerce business, but nothing is working well? You are not alone.

In the fashion industry, marketers have experienced these challenges for a very long time.

As the industry needs to be updated with the latest trends and requirements, keeping the lines constantly changing is a real struggle. Also, since most companies target the Millennials for their conversion, they often fail to provide adequate access to the information as the millennials are very picky about their style.

For this same reason, having a well-trained and well-performing team is very difficult due to the constant need to be relevantly trending. The biggest struggle is getting the limelight on your campaign. Among all the different company’s notifications and emails, it’s pretty challenging to stand out.

To overcome these challenges and keep their advertising game on top, marketers opt for some conventional methods that are not effective in the long run.

Let’s see some extensively used methods:

1. Influencer Marketing

One of the highly preferred advertising strategies for clothing and accessories e-commerce is influencer marketing. The goal is to generate better significant ROI. But sadly, it’s not as simple as it seems.

As you go deeper into the influencer process, you’ll realize that several issues don’t appear to you from a distance. For example, choosing the right influencer to properly promote your campaign, the difficulty of generating good engagement, the cost, audience resonance, and, most importantly, conversion.

When going for an influencer, keep in mind that it might not work 100% according to your expectation. Sometimes, either the influencer badly fails to present your clothing or accessories, which results in a lousy client impression. Again the type of audience your influencers have, in general, might not be attracted to your campaign due to different interests.

Paid influencers are still an excellent method to provide recognition to your campaign, but the investment - considering the high risks - is just not worth it.

2. Social Media

Social media is the most overrated advertising platform. Here’s why -

People often confuse exposure with conversion. The same goes here while using social media as an ad converting platform. With the right strategy applied, you might be able to get yourself a large audience. However, there’s no guarantee that the audience will convert as traffic to your website and spend.

So you can keep stirring their emotions with a bit of a discount from time to time, but you can not expect them to become a buyer.

3. Email marketing

Another moderately effective strategy is email marketing. You’ll even bag yourself a significant ROI if things go well. Often marketers have fantastic ideas to execute through email but some wrong steps or simply overusing emails cause this method to lose efficacy.

If you have email subscribers, they are probably already receiving tons of emails from other companies. So, if your email doesn’t have the spark to attract and lead them to the website, it will bring zero value. Because believe it or not, people are not interested in your email as there are plenty of offers lying around them.

While you might have some potential clients scale your traffic, the conversion will still be low.

So, how’d you market your clothing and accessories e-commerce site? Are there any suitable advertising platforms that are affordable with high ROI?

Yes, there is.

Your Foolproof Solution is CPA marketing.

CPA (Cost Per Action) is the standard amount you’re charged from your ad’s conversion. To advertise your clothing and accessories e-commerce campaign, AdclickMedia is the right platform to get started with your CPA marketing. So, let’s get into the advertising details at AdclickMedia.

CPA Advertising with AdclickMedia

AdclickMedia is mainly an advertising network based on personal growth and wellness. Our main focus is the brands and affiliate marketing. We have both the CPA marketing and PPC advertising to bring your campaign more results and conversions.

Our advertising system is pretty decent, effective, and easy-to-navigate. Below are the benefits you’ll get from advertising at AdclickMedia:

● Since we have a proprietary platform, we don’t have to pay any licensing fees. We provide services ensuring the affiliates receive more and it’s affordable for advertisers

● AdclickMedia has a pretty good assistance system for clothing and accessories e-commerce campaigns. We put extra efforts to ensure that you receive our uttermost assistance with the creatives and ads as well

● We have an advanced fraud prevention system, and with this, we can provide 100% fraudulent prevention

● We have a very well-trained and dedicated team ready for you to provide all the guidance you need regarding the advertising process

● As we have the “pay for performance only” system, the affiliates will receive their payment depending on the performance.

● As we have both the weekly and monthly payments available, the advertisers and affiliates will get their payments depending on their skills. For example, if you are new to affiliate, you’ll be paid monthly after meeting the minimum requirements, but for the seasoned affiliates, you will enjoy a weekly payment

Regarding payment methods, AdclickMedia has five top-rated advertising models. You have the liberty to pay for your desired performance :

● CPC (cost-per-click as low as ¢10)

● CPL (cost-per-lead that fits your budget)

● CPI (cost-per-install that fits your budget)

● CPS (cost-per-sale that is reasonable)

Also, with our simple setup, we ensure your exposure to your ideal client. At AdclickMedia, you’ll receive our incredibly effective advertising for your clothing and accessories e-commerce. Besides, our services offer a lower risk and higher ROI.

Monetize with AdclickMedia

We have traffic monetization available for the publishers, website owners, or email-list owners. With our AdclickMedia network, you can quickly get started with traffic monetization and receive our top-notch payouts along with excellent deals.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy from advertising at our platform:

● Display ads on your website

● Above-average payouts

● Get paid for leads & sales

● Real-time stats

● Weekly & monthly payout

● Dedicated team

How to start with AdclickMedia

You’ll be flooded with opportunities when you join us. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with your campaign advertisement.

First of all - getting started with us is almost effortless. The process might be longer for advertisers as you need to sign up and connect with us first. However, for the publishers, you just need to apply, and you’re all set to start earning.

You’ll find the detailed steps below:


Sign up for your account

● Connect with your account manager

● Fund your account

● Start your campaign

● Add conversion code


Sign up for your account

● Connect with your affiliate manager

● Complete your profile & documents

● Pick offers and promote