When it comes to marketing your business, your ROI (Return on Investment) is so important.

Using a CPA Network can relieve you from a lot of money issues.

Monitoring Facebook and Google campaigns are very important so you do not waste your money.

Physical products can be expensive to ship and leave very little profit.

This scenario is what makes CPA Networks so attractive to most advertisers and Affiliates.

You can spend large amounts of money with no guarantee that you are going to see any sales.

A CPA Affiliate Network is probably the best return that you will get for your money.

You only pay for an action taken with a CPA Network.

If you are selling a $400 Internet Marketing course and you are paying out $100.00 in commissions to an affiliate on the network that leaves you with a $300.00 profit.

Using CPA networks is low risk for the advertiser.

What is a CPA Affiliate Network?

CPA Networks are an advertising method that uses cost-per-action (CPA) models.

Publishers with advertisers are connected

Pay the affiliates when a sale is generated.

How does the CPA Model Work?

  • Affiliate/Publisher – promotes a product or service on the network using their own traffic source.
  • Business/Advertiser – they enter into a partnership with the affiliate to bring traffic to their product or service.
  • CPA Network – provides the platform for the advertiser to sell there services and the affiliates to earn money. The network provides fraud prevention, tracking, and promotion material used.

Types of Actions and Meanings

There are several commission types with a CPA Network:
  • CPS (Cost per Sale) – The advertiser is looking to generate an actual sale for their product or service. The affiliate promotes this offer and if a sale is made they receive a certain percentage from that sale which can range from 25-70%.
  • CPL (Cost per Lead) – The advertiser is looking to generate a lead for their product or service. The advertiser will provide a landing page for the affiliate to use. When a legitimate lead is generated the affiliate is paid. The lead can be a zip code submit, email address, or Name and email address.
  • CPI (Cost per Install) – The advertiser is looking to generate an install for their service which is usually for a mobile device and is a game.
  • PPC (Pay per Click) – The advertiser is looking for a click through on their banners or text ads that they provide. Banners and text ad are displayed on affiliate sites in a particular niche from the CPA Network. Not all CPA networks offer PPC advertising . Adclickmedia.com is both a CPA and a PPC Network.

The CPA network model gives advertisers the ability to get the most out of their budget while providing publishers with a steady flow of revenue

It is beneficial for both parties.

When looking to join a CPA network, do your research. Make sure they have a good reputation in the industry.

CPA networks have been around for over two decades as a medium for advertisers to reach a wider audience.

Many networks have embraced the technology and the changes taking place in the industry.

Author: AdclickMedia